Frequently Asked Questions

Can i hire you to build or rebuild my website?

Yes, if you are a Malden based business. We only provide services to the businesses and business owners of Malden, MA.

Will you be hosting the site you build me?

You can stay with your current hosting or migrate over to ours. If you choose to migrate, we will do the migration for you

Where is an affordable place to get SEO done?

Our partner, Local SEO Company, who are search engine optimization experts.

Can I sell products on the site you build me?

Yes, if you purchase the E-Commerce add-on. We’ll not only set it up, but coach you as well.

Why do I need to update my website?

People can tell how old a website is. Having an up-to-date website shows them that you are still in business, and still care.

How long will it take for my site to be built?

If you provide the necessary content immediately it takes one to two weeks. If not, it will take longer.